Words starting with R

Words that start with R

List of things that start with the letter R.

Rick the royal raccoon ran 'round the raspberry bush in Rhode Island.

Photo of bacon rashers
Photo by Dinner Series

A rasher is a thin slice of bacon, ham or other thin cuts of pork.

Photo of a raspberry bush
Photo by zaQography
Scientific name: rubus idaeobatus

Raspberries are the fruit of a very vigorous deciduous thorny bush related to blackberries, roses and strawberries. Raspberries can spread by sending out roots a long way under the ground that then sprout new plants. Raspberries can take over your backyard if you don't keep them pruned.
Raspberries can be eaten fresh, made into juice, or cooked into pies. Raspberries are very good for you.

Photo of a rat
Photo by Reg Mckenna
Scientific name: genus: rattus

Rats are like large mice. They often live near people, scavenging food scraps in rubbish tips or stored food in houses. Rats are pests and most people try and get rid of rats if they can.
Rats can also kept as pets. Pet rats tend to be white or multicoloured, and wild rats tend to be plain brown or grey.

Photo of rattan vines
Photo by Avlxyz
Scientific name: tribe: calameae

Rattan is a type of palm tree that grows like a vine. It grows very fast, and can grow up to a hundred metres long. Rattan is harvested mainly to make cane furniture from. It can be split into wicker for making woven furniture. Rattan is also used to make canes for whipping people as punishment in some countries.

Photo of a baby and some hanging rattles
Photo by Giraffian

A rattle is an object that makes noises when you wave it around. Modern rattles are usually brightly coloured. They are considered an early baby toy.

Photo of a rattlesnake.
Photo by Mike Baird
Scientific name: subfamily: crotalinae

Rattlesnakes cause most snake bite injuries and deaths in America. They are a threatened species now because people kill so many of them.
Rattlesnakes scare off predators by rattling their tails. The rattling sound is made by special scales at the end of the rattlesnake's tail.

Photo of a raven
Photo by Keven Law
Scientific name: corvus corax

A raven is a black bird in the same family as crows and magpies. They are one of the largest members of the crow family.

Photo of raw meat
Photo by Avlxyz

In food preparation, something is raw if it hasn't been cooked yet. The picture is of some raw meat.
Anything that needs a lot of preparation to get to the finished product can also be called raw, such as raw cotton that needs to be spun and woven into cloth.

Photo of a shaving razor
Photo by klyphord

Razors, also called shavers, are a hand-held device used for shaving. They have a handle and a covered razor blade that is designed to remove hair but not cut your skin. There are electric razors available as well as manual ones.

A razor blade is a very thin, sharp blade that is usually found inside shaving razors.