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Words that start with R

Rick the royal raccoon ran 'round the raspberry bush in Rhode Island.

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Photo of a horses rumpBody parts

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A rake is a set of metal or plastic teeth on the end of a long stick that is used for raking up large bits of trash on the ground. Rakes are most often used for raking fallen leaves into piles when they fall in autumn.

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Raleigh is the capital of the state of North Carolina in the United States of America. It has a population of around 1.7 million.

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Photo of a ram.
Photo by Kjell Olsen

A ram is a male sheep.

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A ramp is a surface that is sloped to make it easy for things with wheels to get between a low place and a higher place. The ramp in the photo is for people to get in and out of a truck.
Ramps are often used inside multi-storey car parks so cars can drive up to the top. Ramps are also used as well as stairs to get into a building. People can walk up stairs easily, but ramps are needed for people who are in a wheelchair, for people with prams, or for anyone who simply has trouble climbing stairs.

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Ran is the past tense of run.

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A ranch is another word for a farm, particularly one that is used for grazing cattle. Someone who works with cattle on a ranch is called a cowboy.

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Ring bell for service
Photo by Atomic Taco

Rang is the past tense of ring. For example "he rang his girlfriend" or "she rang a bell".

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Photo of a mountain range
Photo by Wonderlane

A group of mountains all in a row is called a range.

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Something is rare if you don't see it very often. It is very rare to see a person with different colored eyes.

Another word for rare is uncommon. The opposite of rare is common.

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Photo of a rare steak
Photo by Smabs Sputzer

Meat is cooked rare if it is only cooked very lightly, and it is still pink in the middle.

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