Photo of a fig

Words that rhyme with -ig

List of words that end with a "ig " sound.

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Photo of a big boat and a small boat
Photo by Tinou Bao

Something is big if it is many times larger than something else. The ship in the picture is much bigger than the little boat at the front of the picture. The opposite of big is small.

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Digging is where you use a spade or your hands (or your paws if you are a dog) to move sand or dirt around. Usually you dig to make a hole.
The boy in the picture is helping to dig a vegetable garden.
The past tense of dig is dug.

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Earwigs are a very common insect found all over the world. They eat ripe fruit, trash, other insects and the young shoots of plants.
They get their name because a long time ago people beleived that earwigs crawled into people's brains through their ears to lay their eggs. Earwigs do like hiding in warm, dark, damp places so it is possible they will hide in people's ears if they have the chance.

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Photo of some figs
Photo by Xerones
Scientific name: ficus carica

Figs are the flower of a medium sized tree that is grown almost all over the world. It is originally from the Iran and Pakistan area. It can be grown in most climates, and will tolerate some degree of frost and drought. Figs can be eaten raw, made into jam, cooked into desserts or most commonly, dried.
You can grow your own figs in several different ways. You can take cuttings of bare branches in late winter to early spring before the leaves grow and put them in a sheltered spot in some sandy potting soil. You can also grow them by bending over a young branch and pinning the bend into some soil, waiting for roots to grow at the bend and then cutting the branch from the main tree. Or you can grow figs by layering.

Photo of guinea pigs
Photo by Photon_de
Scientific name: cavia porcellus

Guinea pigs, also called the cavy, are a small rodent originally from South America. They were first domesticated as a food source, but today guinea pigs are kept as pets. They have a quiet nature and don't mind being handled.

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Photo of a pig
Photo by Alissa Whelan
Scientific name: genus: sus

Pigs have a large head, short legs and a large body. They eat almost anything, and spend most of their time digging through the ground with their snout looking for food. A male pig is called a boar, a female pig is called a sow and a baby pig is called a piglet. Pigs are generally kept for their meat, which is called pork.

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A sprig is a small part of a plant, with some leaves, flowers or both attached.

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Photo of a man taking a swig of beer
Photo by Chris Scott

A swig is the amount of drink that you can have in one swallow. The man in the picture is having a swig of beer.

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Photo of a twig.
Photo by Anasararojas

A twig is a very thin tree branch that has no leaves.

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A wig is just some fake hair. You can get wigs in almost any colour, either brightly coloured ones like in the picture, or natural coloured ones that look like real hair. Some people wear wigs for fun, others wear them because they are bald and don't want other people to know.
A wig that only covers part of your head is called a toupee.

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