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Words starting with T

Words that start with T

Ten terrified turtles went traipsing through the turnips in Tennessee.

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Tis forTango

The tango is a rapid, sensual dance for two people that originates in Argentina.
A tank is a vehicle used by the military. Tanks are heavily armoured to protect the people inside them, and they have a large gun that can rotate in any direction. Tanks have tracks instead of tyres, so they can travel over almost any kind of landscape.
A tank is a large container that is used for holding liquids like water, oil or gasoline. Storage tanks are usually sealed or at least covered over, to keep debris from getting inside them.
Photo of a tanned man.

Tis forTanned

Someone is tanned if they have been in the sun a lot and their skin has a suntan. Being tanned makes your skin browner and darker than it would be if you haven't been tanned by the sun.
Photo of a tanzanite necklace
Tanzanite is a mineral that looks a different colour depending on what angle you look at it from - it can be sapphire blue, violet, or burgundy. Tanzanite is a rare gem, found mostly in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tis forTap

A tap or faucet is a device you usually find on a washbasin, sink or in your garden. when you turn it on, water comes out. Taps can have a lever you move up and down to turn them on and off, or a handle that you twist around. Usually people mean an indoor tap when they say faucet.

Tis forTape

A tape is a long strip of plastic, cloth or paper. Some kinds of tape have a sticky material on one side. You use sticky tape to hold things together or hang a poster on the wall.
Photo of a tapestry

Tis forTapestry

A tapestry is a picture made from woven threads. Fabric that has been made by a machine to have a similar look to a hand-made tapestry can also be called a tapestry.

Tis forTapir

Scientific name: genus: tapirus
A tapir is an animal about the same size and shape as a pig. Tapirs live in jungles and forests in South and Central America and Southeast Asia. Their closest relatives are the rhinoceros and horse. Tapirs have a long, flexible nose that they use for grabbing leaves off trees with.
Photo of a tar pit

Tis forTar

Tar could mean any very dark, sticky substance, usually made from modified tree resin. Tar is also another word for bitumen, as is found in tar pits. Tar is very sticky and animals used to get trapped in tar pits, which preserved them.