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Words starting with T

Words that start with T

Ten terrified turtles went traipsing through the turnips in Tennessee.

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Photo of someone twiddling their thumbs

Tis forTwiddle

You twiddle with something by fiddling with it and turning it around. It most often refers to you twiddling your fingers.
Photo of a twig.

Tis forTwig

A twig is a very thin tree branch that has no leaves.

Tis forTwill

Twill is a pattern of alternating diagonal lines woven using cotton or wool. Twill is often used to make coats and sweaters.
Photo of twins

Tis forTwins

Twins are siblings who are born from the same pregnancy. Twins can be identical or fraternal. Fraternal twins are just as similar as any other siblings, but identical twins can be extremely hard to tell apart.

Tis forTwist

You twist something if you turn it around and around itself. Rope and yarn are made from thinner fibres twisted together. You twist jars to open them and you twist taps to turn them on and off.

Tis forTwo

There are two ( 2 ) chairs in the picture. If you cut something into two pieces, you get halves. The number before two is one. The number that comes after two is three.
Photo of hands on a keyboard typing.

Tis forType

You type when you use your fingers to press letters on a keyboard. The letters you type then appear either on the paper in the typewriter or on the screen of the computer that you are using. Typing is an alternative to writing.
Photo of an old typewriter
Before computers, if someone wanted to write a letter that wasn't handwritten they used a typewriter. Typewriters work by hitting a ribbon full of ink with a small piece of metal with a letter shape on it when you press the keys on the typewriter keyboard. This leaves the mark of a letter in ink on your piece of paper.
Photo of old car tyres.

Tis forTyre

A tyre (also spelt tire) is a hard, black, rubber layer that goes on the outside edge of wheels. Most tyres are filled with air. They make driving a car or bicycle much more comfortable. The zigzag grooves in tyres are so they grip the road better and stop your car from slipping around.