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Photo of a third birthday party

List of ordinal numbers

Words that express an ordered position in a list.

Fis forFirst

Something is first if it comes before all other things. When you win a race you come first. The picture shows the first of four candles alight.
Photo of a stopwatch

Sis forSecond

A second is a unit of time. There are 60 seconds in a minute. Second is also the number two place in a competition.
Photo of a little girl's third birthday

Tis forThird

Third comes after second, being the number three time something happens. You might come third place in a race, be third in line, or be like the little girl in the picture, having a third birthday party. See also thirds.

Fis forFourth

Something is fourth if it is the number four thing in a list. Fourth comes after third and before fifth.
Photo of a sign that says Fifth Ave

Fis forFifth

Fifth comes after fourth, and before sixth, being the number five thing in a series.

Sis forSixth

Something is sixth if it is the number sixth item in a list. Sixth comes after fifth and before seventh.

Sis forSeventh

Something is seventh if it is the number seven item in a list. Seventh comes after sixth and before eighth.

Eis forEighth

Something is eighth when it is the number eight thing in a list. Eighth comes after seventh and before ninth.

Nis forNinth

Something is ninth if it is the number nine item in a list. Ninth comes after eighth and before tenth.
Photo of a tenth birthday cake

Tis forTenth

Something is tenth if it is the number ten thing in a list. Tenth comes after ninth.