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Photo of a candle.

Words that rhyme with -dle

List of words that end with a "dle " sound

Photo of a horse wearing a bridle

Bis forBridle

A bridle is a piece of equipment that a horse wears on its face. A bridle is usually made from leather, and is held on by buckles. The metal part of the bridle that goes in the horses's mouth is called the bit, and the long straps connected to the bit are called reins. The combination of bridle, bit and reins is used to direct the horse, so you can make it go in the direction you want it to when you are riding or driving it.
Photo of some bundles of sticks

Bis forBundle

A bundle is several things tied or gathered together, like a bundle of sticks or a bundle of cloth. A bundle of sticks is also called a faggot.
Photo of a candle

Cis forCandle

Candles used to be the main source of light for people long ago before light bulbs and electricity were invented. Candles are made out of a piece of string, or wick, which is surrounded by wax. When the candle is first lit you set the wick on fire but once the wick is burning it melts the wax, so after that first few moments the candle burns the wax not the wick.
Fiddling is a word for making a lot of small, repetitive movements, usually with another object. For example, "stop fiddling with your hair" or "if you fiddle with the aerial enough the TV should work". A similar word to fiddle is twiddle.
A fiddle is a common name given to a violin, particularly a cheaper violin.
Photo of an old door handle

His forHandle

A handle is something that is designed for you to hold onto with your hand. Doors have handles so you can open them, and suitcases have handles so you can pick them up easily. Another word for a door handle is a doorknob.

Iis forIdle

You are idle if you are not doing anything productive with your time. Another word for idle is lazy.
Photo of a man starting a fire

Kis forKindle

You kindle a fire when you first start it. The word kindle can also be used to describe something else starting, for example "a love for her was kindled in him".
Photo of ladles

Lis forLadle

A ladle is a large spoon that is used for serving soups and stews. It is easier and much less messy to use a ladle to get soup out of a large pot than to pick the pot up and pour it.

Mis forMedal

A medal is a small metal disk, usually round but sometimes in the shape of a cross or star. Medals are given to someone who has done something special, or as a prize for winning a competition.