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Photo of a cup of coffee

Words that rhyme with -fee

List of words that end with a "fee " sound

Photo of a cup of coffee

Cis forCoffee

Coffee is a drink made from the dried, roasted beans of the coffee plant. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Coffee can be served hot or cold, with or without milk, cream or sugar, and in any size cup or mug. Coffee can also be used to flavour cakes, candy and chocolate.

Fis forFluffy

Something is fluffy if it looks or feels like it is made out of fluff. Clouds, some cats, long-haired rabbits and baby chicks are fluffy.

Sis forScruffy

Someone or something is scruffy if they are messy and unkempt. People and animals who are scruffy often look like they need their hair combed.

Tis forToffee

Toffee is a kind of sweet treat made from boiling sugar and butter. Depending on how long it is boiled for and how hot it gets, toffee might be soft and chewy or hard and brittle.

Tis forTrophy

A trophy is something you are given when you win something like a competition. In war or when you are hunting, a trophy is something you take to prove your victory. In hunting, a trophy might be the head of an animal you killed, and in war it might be some possessions from the people you conquered.