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Photo of winter.

List of times & events

Various times of the day and year. This category also includes significant one-off events as well as events that happen on a regular basis.

Photo of a building from 1813

Cis forCentury

A century is a period of one hundred years. A century may also describe one hundred of something else, like a score in a sports game. The building in the picture was built more than two centuries ago.

Dis forDay

Day might refer to the time when the sun is up, for example, "my cat sleeps all day", or it might mean an entire 24 hour period, usually counted starting from midnight. The opposite of day is night.
Photo of a 10 year celebration cake

Dis forDecade

A decade is ten years.

His forHour

An hour is a time period of sixty (60) minutes. There are twenty four (24) hours in a day.
Photo of a calendar

Mis forMonth

A month is one of twelve parts of a year. Not all months have the same number of days. The months are: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.
Photo of some wrapped gifts

Pis forPresent

Present is another word for gift. Present also means the current time, right now. It is used in some sayings: "There's no time like the present".
Photo of a man sitting on a throne

Ris forReign

A reign is the time that someone is in power, or the act of them being in power. For example, "the King reigned for twenty years". Words that sound the same as reign but are spelt differently are rain and rein.
Photo of a stopwatch

Sis forSecond

A second is a unit of time. There are 60 seconds in a minute. Second is also the number two place in a competition.
Photo of time

Tis forTime

Time is how you measure the order that things happen. Time that has already happened is the past, and time that is yet to happen is the future. Time is measured in units like hours, days and years.
Photo of todays calendar

Tis forToday

Today is the current day, right now. Or you could be talking about the present era, like "today we find our information on the Internet".