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Words that rhyme with -erth

List of words that end with a "erth " sound

Bis forBerth

A berth might be a compact place you sleep when you are on a ship, train or plane. A berth is also the space a boat stays at when it comes to shore.

Eis forEarth

Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to have life. It is the third planet from the sun. Earth is mostly covered in water. The Earth has one moon. The Earth is 149,597,890km from the Sun. Its radius is 6,378.14 km.

Gis forGirth

Girth is a synonym for circumference, the measurement around something.
Photo of Perth

Pis forPerth

Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia (WA), in Australia. It has a population of about 1.7 million.
Photo of someone surfing

Sis forSurf

Surfing is a sport where people ride a breaking wave near the beach, standing on a surfboard. It is more difficult than it looks to surf without falling off. People sometimes surf lying down on a board, in a small boat or without a board at all.
Photo of turf

Tis forTurf

Turf is the matted layer that grass makes as it grows. Turf can be removed from the ground, rolled up and put into someone's garden as an instant lawn.