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Photo of an axe.

Words that rhyme with -x

List of words that end with a "x " sound

Ais forApex

The apex of something is its highest point. Similar words to apex are vertex or summit.

Ais forAxe

The axe, also spelt ax, is one of the oldest tools known to mankind. Axes have been used for thousands of years to split logs, cut down trees and shape wood.

Bis forBox

Boxes are something you store things in. When you buy an appliance from a shop it often comes in a box. Boxes can be made of simple cardboard, or can be very fancy wooden boxes. A box that is big enough makes a great cubbyhouse. The box in the picture is big enough to fit a girl inside.
Boxers are medium-sized, short-haired dogs. They have a large, square head and a very strong jaw. They can bite and hold onto large prey. Boxers were bred from the English bulldog. Boxers are very energetic and playful dogs and are good with children. They are not aggressive but do need to be trained and socialised.
Photo of two young men boxing

Bis forBoxing

Boxing is a sport where two people fight each other with their fists. One person wins if they knock the other person out, injure them so badly they can't continue, or simply too much time passes and then a judge needs to decide who won. Someone who boxes is called a boxer.
Photo of a convex mirror

Cis forConvex

A surface is convex if it curves outwards, forming a mound. Mirrors are often made convex so that they offer a larger field of view. The opposite of convex is concave.
Normal cats have three layers of hair. Cornish Rex cats only have the undercoat, which is very short, soft and silky. They also have curly hair. Cornish Rex's are a slim, friendly cat suitable for shy children. Because of their thin coat they are best kept as an indoor cat.
Photo of English box or boxwood
Scientific name: buxus sempervirens
English box, or boxwood, is an evergreen shrub that is most commonly used for topiary. It has dense foliage and is easy to clip into shapes.
A fax machine.

Fis forFax

A fax is an image or a document that has been scanned through a machine and a copy transmitted from one telephone number to another.
Photo of a field of flax

Fis forFlax

Scientific name: linum usitatissimum
Flax, or linseed, is a plant that is grown for its seeds and for its stems. The seeds can be used whole in baking or used to make oil. Flaxseed or linseed oil is a major component in varnish. The skin of the flax stems is used to make fibers that can then be woven into fabrics like linen or made into rope.