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Photo of sprouts.

Words that rhyme with -out

List of words that end with a "out " sound

Photo of Brussels sprouts
Scientific name: brassica oleracea
Brussels sprouts are a member of the cabbage family, which is why they look like tiny cabbages. They are usually cooked whole, boiled, steamed or roasted. If you overcook them they release chemicals that don't taste very good, so you should only cook them for about 6-7 minutes.
Photo of a drought affected area

Dis forDrought

A drought is an extended time where lower than normal amounts of rain falls. During a drought, rivers and lakes can dry up, and many plants and animals die.
Photo of a man spreading grout

Gis forGrout

Grout is a substance made of water, cement and sand that is used to fill up gaps between hard construction materials like tiles. Grout often contains coloring agents, and can be bought in a huge range of colors.
Something is inside-out if its inside is on the outside and its outside is on the inside. Quite often when you take your clothes off they end up inside-out. The rubber gloves in the picture are inside out.
Photo of a man on a lookout

Lis forLookout

A lookout is a high place that has a nice view. Lookouts are usually set up so you have somewhere to stand and look or take photos, and they have a guard rail so you don't fall off. If you are on the lookout it means you are keeping watch for something.

Ois forOut

You go out when you go away from something, or out from inside something. For example, you might go out to a restaurant. If you rearrange some items, they become out of order. The cat in the picture is getting out of a box. The opposite of out is in.

Pis forPout

You pout when you put your lips out, sometimes because you are being sullen, and sometimes because you are posing. Someone who is pouting a bit too much when they are posing is said to have a duck face.

Sis forShout

You shout, or yell, by raising your voice and being as loud as you can. People sometimes shout when they are angry, or when they are trying to get someone a long way away from them to hear them. Children sometimes shout when they are excited.
Photo of pig snouts.

Sis forSnout

A snout is the front part of an animal's face, where its nose and mouth are. The term snout is usually given to the snout of a pig.

Sis forSpout

A spout is either a strong stream of a liquid like water, or something that a stream of water comes out from. teapots and kettles have spouts that you pour from.