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Eight echidnas eat eggs in an elevator.

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Photo of an ear.Body parts

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Photo of an eagle
Photo by Just chaos
Scientific name: family: accipitridae

Eagles are large birds of prey with strong, hooked beaks. They usually hunt small animals and other birds. There are a huge variety of eagles, and they are found all over the world.

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You have one ear on either side of your head. You use your ears to hear with. You have two ears shaped the way they are so that you can tell which direction sound is coming from.

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Photo of a man wearing earmuffs
Photo by Reed Kennedy

Earmuffs can be for one of two purposes: first, to keep your ears warm and second, to protect your ears from loud noises.
Warming earmuffs are usually soft and fluffy and are worn in very cold areas. Protective earmuffs are made mostly from plastic, and are worn by people who operate heavy, noisy machinery or work in very loud areas.

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Photo of a woman with money
Photo by Harry Heng

You earn something when it is given to you in exchange for your work. Most people earn money by working in their regular jobs. You can also earn someone's respect, or earn a medal because of your actions.

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Photo of a woman wearing earrings
Photo by Kathy Coleman

Earrings are pieces of jewelry you wear either clipped to your ears or hooked through a hole in your ears. Traditionally, more women than men wear earrings.

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Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to have life. It is the third planet from the sun. Earth is mostly covered in water. The Earth has one moon.
The Earth is 149,597,890km from the Sun.
Its radius is 6,378.14 km.

Photo of earthenware pots
Photo by Manish Bansal

Earthenware is another name for pottery made from clay. It usually refers to rustic or lower grade pottery, often unfired and unglazed.

Photo of an earthquake
Photo by Zack Wang

An earthquake is a sudden release of energy under the Earth's surface, like a sudden cracking along a fault line. Earthquakes can sometimes be caused by volcanoes. Earthquakes can cause severe shaking of the ground, which makes building buildings fall down and roads and bridges to crack and break.

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Earwigs are a very common insect found all over the world. They eat ripe fruit, trash, other insects and the young shoots of plants.
They get their name because a long time ago people beleived that earwigs crawled into people's brains through their ears to lay their eggs. Earwigs do like hiding in warm, dark, damp places so it is possible they will hide in people's ears if they have the chance.

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An easel is a piece of furniture you use to put paper or a canvas on when you are painting.

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