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Words starting with K

Words that start with K

Kevin the king of kangaroos kept koalas in Kentucky.

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Photo of some jars of ketchup

Kis forKetchup

Tomato ketchup, catsup, or just tomato sauce, is a thick, red sauce made mostly from tomatoes, sugar and vinegar. Ketchup is used on hotdogs, chips and on any other meal you think will taste nice with some ketchup on it.

Kis forKettle

A kettle is a container that is used to boil water in. They are designed to be used over a stove or fire, although the more recent electric kettle simply plugs into a power point. Kettles have a spout to pour from and a handle to hold it, very similar to a jug.
Photo of some keys

Kis forKey

A key is a small metal object that is used to open a lock.
Photo of a piano keyboard
A keyboard is a device made up of a special pattern of black and white keys that is used to play music. Keyboards are found on lots of musical instruments, like accordions and pianos, as well as a range of electronic instruments like synthesizers.
Photo of a computer keyboard
A keyboard is usually found attached to a computer as a way to type words, numbers and commands with your fingers. Keyboards are also found on typewriters.
Photo of a keystone

Kis forKeystone

A keystone is the stone at the top center of an arch. It holds all the other stones in place, which is why it is called the keystone. Keystones are often decorated quite elaborately.

Kis forKhaki

Something is khaki if it is a dull greenish brown. It is frequently used as a color for uniforms, particularly in the military.
Photo of a boy kicking a ball.

Kis forKick

You kick something when you hit it with your feet. A lot of sports are played by kicking a ball.
Photo of a baby goat

Kis forKid

A baby goat is called a kid.

Kis forKidney

Your kidney is an organ in your body that excretes urine.