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Words starting with M

Words that start with M

Mild mannered mice melt marshmallows in Minnesota.

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Photo of Muslim women

Mis forMuslim

Muslim describes anything related to the religion of Islam.

Mis forMussed

Something is mussed if it is in a messy state. The person in the picture has their hair mussed.
Photo of mussels on a rock

Mis forMussel

Mussel is the common name given to a type of long, thin, black clam that is found stuck to rocks in the tidal zone of coastlines. Mussels are collected for food, and can be prepared in a huge number of different ways.

Mis forMust

Must means you absolutely have to do something. For example, "mom says I must clean my room".
Photo of wild mustangs

Mis forMustang

Mustangs are feral horses found roaming wild in North America.
Photo of three jars of mustard

Mis forMustard

Scientific name: sinapis hirta and brassica juncea
There are several different kinds of mustard plant. They are in the same family as canola, turnips and cabbages. A field of mustard flowering looks very much like a field of canola flowering. Mustard is grown mainly for its seeds, although the leaves can be eaten too. Mustard seeds are ground up and mixed with vinegar and sometimes other spices to make the mustard you can buy in shops. Depending on the type of mustard used, mustard paste can be very sharp or very mild. Sometimes mustard, called wholegrain mustard, is made from the whole seeds of the mustard plant and a little oil instead of crushing the seeds to a paste.
Photo of a mutt

Mis forMutt

Mutt is a slang word used to describe any dog, particularly a mixed breed dog or mongrel.

Mis forMyth

A myth is a story that doesn't have a basis in reality, but that many people think is true. A good example of a myth is that you can catch a cold by going outside in cold weather.