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Words starting with M

Words that start with M

Mild mannered mice melt marshmallows in Minnesota.

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Photo of a man making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Mis forMake

You make something when you take some other things and combine them in some way to create something new. The person in the picture is making a sandwich.
Scientific name: Cu2CO3(OH)2
Malachite is copper carbonate, and is a bright green colour, often with bands and swirls of different shades of green. The patterning makes it quite attractive polished and can be used in jewelry.
Photo of a male duck
A plant or animal is male if he can produce sperm or similar male cells that can be used to fertilize an egg or create a viable seed.

Mis forMall

A mall is an indoor shopping area where many different shops are located within the same building.
Photo of a rubber mallet

Mis forMallet

A mallet is a type of hammer. Mallets are often made of rubber or wood, and are used where a metal hammer will be too hard. Mallets have large heads, so they do less damage to something they hit than a smaller hammer or other tool.
Photo of malted barley

Mis forMalt

Malting is a process applied to grains like wheat but is usually done to barley. Malting involves soaking the grains long enough to make them sprout, and then drying the grains out in a kiln. Sprouted grain is very high in a sugar called maltose. Malted grain is used to make beer and whiskey. Malt is quite often added to milk drinks.

Mis forMaltese

Maltese are small toy or lap dogs with silky white hair. They are an ancient breed, and were used as a lap dog by ladies in Roman times. They have black eyes and a black nose, which gives them a very "cute" appearance. Maltese are cuddly companion dogs, and thrive on attention but can be snappy around children. They have a reputation for being a yappy dog.
Photo of a mammal

Mis forMammal

A mammal is a creature with warm blood, is covered in hair and feeds its babies with milk.

Mis forMan

A man is an adult male person. Your father and your grandfather are men.

Mis forManatee

Scientific name: family: trichechidae, genus: trichechus
Manatees, also called sea cows, are mammals closely related to the dugong. They grow to around 3 meters long, and weigh around 4,000 pounds (1,700kg). They eat plants in fairly shallow water around the coast and in rivers.