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Words starting with S

Words that start with S

Six slippery snakes sailed southward on a silver ship to Sydney.

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Sagittarius is a sign of the Zodiac. It is a fire sign. You are a Sagittarius if you were born between November 22nd and December 21st.
Photo of sails on a ship

Sis forSail

A sail is a large piece of fabric on a sailboat that catches the wind and moves the boat forwards. The tall pole that holds the sails up is called a mast, and the ropes that hold the sails in place are called rigging.

Sis forSailor

A sailor is either someone who sails boats of some kind for a living, or someone who is below the level of an officer in the Navy.
Photo of sake
Sake is an alcoholic Japanese drink made from fermented rice.
Photo of a salad

Sis forSalad

A salad is a dish that is mainly made up of raw vegetables, sometimes with a dressing like vinegar. Sometimes salads also have cooked meat, fruit, cooked vegetables or other things like nuts in them. Salads are usually served cold as a side dish at dinner or lunch time.
Photo of a salamander
Scientific name: Order caudata
Salamanders are amphibians that look somewhat like lizards. They need to live in moist enviroments. Some salamanders live entirely in water, others come out of the water. Their skin is always damp as it produces mucous just like the inside of your mouth does. If you cut the leg off a salamander, it can regrow.

Sis forSaline

A liquid is saline if it contains common salt dissolved into it. Any salty water can be described as saline, but the word is most often used for sterile salty water used for medical purposes. A similar word to saline is brine.
Photo of salmon

Sis forSalmon

Scientific name: family: salmonidae
Salmon are a type of fish that migrates to breed. Salmon live in the sea but return to rivers inland to lay their eggs. Because of this, when they migrate they are a popular food for many animals that live near rivers, like bears. Salmon are a popular food with people too. Salmon is served canned, smoked, raw or cooked in a huge variety of ways. Salmon has a a distinctive pink colour.

Sis forSalon

A salon is a place of business where beauty services are sold such as hair styling manicures and pedicures.

Sis forSaloon

Saloon is another word for bar, a place where alcoholic drinks are sold.