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Words starting with S

Words that start with S

Six slippery snakes sailed southward on a silver ship to Sydney.

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Photo of salt mounds.

Sis forSalt

Salt is a mineral that is essential to all animal life, but is toxic to most land plants. Salt is found in the sea, in your blood and sweat and in solid form as rock salt away from the sea. Salt is collected to use for making food either by mining a deposit of rock salt, or by evaporating salty water until only the salt is left behind. The photo is of the surface of a salt lake with piles of salt scraped into mounds, ready to take away.
Photo of a salt lake
A salt lake is a type of lake that has dried out and nothing remains but a very thick layer of salt. There are many lakes of this kind in the world, most in quite dry areas. When it rains and they fill up again, the water in them is very salty.
Photo of a boy scout saluting

Sis forSalute

A salute is a formal gesture of respect. Salutes are most often used by the military, but are also used by organisations like the Scouts.
Scientific name: echium plantagineum
Salvation Jane, also known as Patterson's curse or Viper's Bugloss, was a garden plant in Europe but once introduced to Australia it became one of the worst weeds in the country. It grows to about 60cm tall and has purple flowers. It is toxic and can kill some animals like sheep and horses if they eat too much of it.

Sis forSame

Two things are the same if they are identical in so many ways it is hard to tell them apart. The two girls in the picture are both wearing the same top. Another word for same is similar, and the opposite is different.
Photo of a samoyed dog

Sis forSamoyed

Samoyeds are large, long-haired white dogs from Siberia. They were bred to herd reindeer, to pull sleds and to keep their owners warm at night. They are a very energetic breed and need lots of space and regular exercise or they will get bored and destructive. They are friendly dogs and don't make very good guard dogs. One of their interesting features is they don't have a 'doggy' smell and they don't shed much, so are classed as 'hypoallergenic'.
Photo of a hand holding sand

Sis forSand

Sand is something that beaches are made of. Beach sand is made up of ground up rocks and fragments of shells. Beach sand can have quite large bits in it compared to garden dirt. Desert sand is just made from ground up rocks. The colour of sand varies depending on what kind of rocks or shells went into making it.
Photo of someone wearing sandals

Sis forSandals

Sandals are a type of shoe that is simply a sole held onto the bottom of your foot by some straps.
Photo of a sandcastle
A sandcastle is something you might want to build when you are at the beach. You can pile up damp sand and mold it into any shape you like, using your hands or using a bucket as a mold.
Sandpaper, originally called glasspaper, is paper with something rough stuck to one side. Sandpaper is used for removing old paint from things, for making wood or similar surfaces smooth, or for roughening up a surface. There are hundreds of different varieties of sandpaper.