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Words starting with V

Words that start with V

Vibrant velvety violets vibrating on a violin in Vermont.

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Photo of a vandalised bus stop

Vis forVandal

A vandal is someone who breaks something that doesn't belong to them, for no reason. People who graffiti are called vandals. The picture is of a vandalised bus stop.
Photo of a windmill with vanes

Vis forVane

Vanes are the individual blades of a fan or windmill.
Photo of vanilla pods

Vis forVanilla

Scientific name: vanilla planifolia
Vanilla beans are the seed pods of a kind of orchid. When they are grown outside Mexico, they need to be pollinated by hand. Vanilla has a strong, aromatic smell and is used in many different sweets, particularly icecream. The part of vanilla that makes the flavour can also be made artificially, and is a lot cheaper than natural vanilla essense.
Photo of a scene vanishing into the mist

Vis forVanish

Something vanishes when it changes from you being able to see it, to not being able to see it. Something might vanish quickly or gradually. The picture is of a wall vanishing into the fog. A similar word to vanish is disappear.
Photo of spices

Vis forVariety

Variety is a way of saying you have lots of different things. Often you talk of variety between lots of similar things, for example "there was a wide variety of fruit available". The picture is of a variety of spices for sale at a market.
Photo of varnished wood

Vis forVarnish

Varnish is made by dissolving some kind of substance, often a resin, tree sap or even the shell of beetles, into something like oil or alcohol. When you put varnish on wood, it becomes hard, smooth and shiny.

Vis forVase

A vase is a container without a lid, which is used to hold cut flowers. Vases are often very pretty. People have been making vases for thousands of years, usually made from clay and painted different colours.

Vis forVast

Vast is another word for huge, expansive, or broad. Vast is commonly used to describe land.

Vis forVat

A vat is a very large container, either a large tub with no lid or an enclosed tank. Vats are generally used for making large amounts of food or drink, like wine or the early processes of cheesemaking.

Vis forVault

A vault is a structure made from intersecting arches, or many parallel arches, to make a large space out of a compressive material like stone or brick. With many vaulted spaces being built underground, a vault also became known as a place to store treasure, and today a bank vault is a locked box inside a bank where you can store valuables.