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Words starting with V

Words that start with V

Vibrant velvety violets vibrating on a violin in Vermont.

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Photo of a Vauxhall badge

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Vauxhall Motors (General Motors UK Limited)is a British company based in Luton, Bedfordshire.
Photo of cooked veal

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Veal is meat from a young cow, generally a milk-fed one that is less than three months old.
A vegetable is any edible part of a plant that is not very sweet. Some things that are called vegetables are really fruit, like the tomato. Vegetables may be the fruit, leaves (cabbage), stems (asparagus, celery or rhubarb) or roots (carrot, turnip) of a plant.
A vegetarian is a person or animal that does not eat the flesh of any other animal. Some vegetarians won't eat anything that comes from an animal either, such as eggs or cheese. The opposite of a vegetarian is a carnivore.
Photo of a blue vehicle

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A vehicle is any non-living means of being moved around. A horse that you can ride is not a vehicle. Examples of vehicles are boats, planes, trucks and trains.
Photo of a woman wearing a veil

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A veil is a piece of cloth that is used to hide something. Women in some countries wear veils over their faces every day. In other countries, women wear veils when they get married.
Photo of veins on an arm

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Veins are tubes that run all the way around your body, taking blood back to your heart once it has been used by organs in your body. The tubes that take fresh blood from your heart to where it is needed are called arteries.
Photo of velcro up close

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Velcro, also known as hook and loop tape, is a kind of cloth fastener. It is made in two halves - one half is made from lots of tiny loops and feels fluffy. The other half is made from lots of tiny hooks and feels rough. When the two parts are put together, the hooks grip the loops and they stick together. When you undo velcro it makes a ripping sound as the hooks unhook from the loops. Velcro is often used to keep shoes and bags closed. You can also find velcro on lots of clothing and sometimes to stick things to a wall. The picture is of velcro but taken very very close, so you can see the hooks and loops.
Photo of a velvet top

Vis forVelvet

Velvet is a type of fabric that is smooth on one side and tufted on the other side. The tufts are fine and even and give velvet a very soft, rich feel. Velvet has a pile and the sheen will change if you stroke it in different directions. Velvet can be made from anything - velvet is simply the name for the weave. The best velvet is made from silk, but it can also be made from cotton or artificial fibres like nylon or polyester.
A venetian blind is a type of window covering that is made up of lots of very thin metal or plastic slats. Venetian blinds have some controls so you can pull the blind up and down and tilt the slats.