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Photo of a card

Words that rhyme with -ard

List of words that end with a "ard " sound

If something is avant garde it means that it is edgy or experimental, usually in reference to art or literature. The word avant garde comes from French, meaning forefront.
Photo of a greeting card

Cis forCard

A greeting card is a piece of thick paper with a pretty picture on the front and a message inside. You give cards to people on special occasions, like their birthday, their wedding, or to someone you love on Valentine's day.
Photo of chard growing in a garden

Cis forChard

Scientific name: beta vulgaris
Chard, also known as Swiss chard or silverbeet, is a leafy green vegetable with red or white stems. It is best eaten fresh when it is young.
Photo of charred peppers

Cis forCharred

Something is charred if it has been blackened a little by heat, usually from being cooked. The picture is of some charred peppers.
A courtyard is a room without a roof. Courtyards can be part of a garden or a house.
Photo of a credit card.
A credit card is something you can use to buy things if you do not have any money of your own. You then pay the money back in instalments, or all at once if you want. If you take a long time to pay it back, you get charged extra money in the form of interest.
Photo of custard tarts.

Cis forCustard

Custard is a yellow sauce made from milk or cream, egg yolks and sometimes sugar and vanilla. Custard can be made into a thin sauce that you pour over puddings, or made very thick so it will set as the filling for custard tarts.
Photo of a frilled lizard
Scientific name: chlamydosaurus kingii
The frill necked lizard, frilled lizard or frilled dragon is found in dry regions of Australia and New Guinea. It can grow to a metre long including its tail. The lizard has a large frill around its neck that it can raise when it is disturbed, and the frill is meant to frighten off whatever disturbed it. If the frill doesn't work it will run away and hide up a tree. Frill neck lizards eat insects and small lizards.
Photo of a guard

Gis forGuard

You guard something when you keep it safe from harm. A person who guards something is called a guard. Other things can be guards, for example you often see guard dogs outside businesses at night time. High places like lookouts generally have guard rails around them to stop people falling off.
Photo of a stack of hard rocks.

His forHard

Something is hard if it is solid to touch, and you cannot squash or bend it. Stones are very hard. The opposite of hard is soft.