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Words starting with W

Words that start with W

Wet walruses waving wildly at Wendy the wallaby in Wallaroo.

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Photo of some hands wringing out a cloth

Wis forWring

You wring something wet out if you twist it hard to get as much of the liquid out of it as possible.

Wis forWrinkle

A wrinkle is a fold in something soft that can be bent, like your skin or the fabric in clothing. Clothes often get wrinkled when they are washed, and then they need to be ironed. As people get older, they get wrinkles in their skin. The man in the picture has wrinkles around his eyes.

Wis forWrist

Your wrist is where your hand joins to your arm. People sometimes wear watches or bracelets on their wrists.
Photo of a hand writing.

Wis forWrite

Writing is a way of putting down words that you can talk or think about onto a piece of paper, using your hands and a pen or pencil. Writing is different to drawing, as you are putting down words letter-by-letter to describe something instead of drawing a picture of what you are thinking of.
Photo of a writer

Wis forWriter

A writer is someone who writes books, stories or articles for a living. If you are writing a book it may take a very long time to find a company who will print it so that lots of people can read it. Most writers write for newspapers or magazines. Once someone has had something published, they are formally called a writer.
Photo of cars travelling the wrong way

Wis forWrong

Something is wrong if it is not correct or the truth. An action is wrong if it breaks rules or the law. The cars in the picture are travelling the wrong way down a road.
Wrought iron.

Wis forWrought

Wrought describes metal that has been flattened and shaped. Wrought metal is often decorative.
Photo of some hands wringing out a cloth

Wis forWrung

Wrung is the past tense of wring.
Different types of wurst.

Wis forWurst

Wurst is a sausage from Germany or Austria.