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Words that start with R

Rick the royal raccoon ran 'round the raspberry bush in Rhode Island.

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Photo of a horses rumpBody parts

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Photo of rails
Photo by Andy Arthur

A rail is a long, thin piece of wood or metal that is fixed in place horizontally. Rails are often used like in the picture as a guard to stop people going past them. They can be fixed to a wall as a support somewhere people might need them, like in a shower cubicle.
A special type of rail is found on a railway track.

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Photo of a railroad
Photo by Steven W

A railroad is made from two rails laid parallel to each other. The rails are usually fixed to wooden or concrete sleepers. Railroads are especially made for trains to travel along.

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Photo of a rainy day
Photo by Chris Metcalf
Scientific name: precipitation

Clouds are made out of tiny droplets of water. As a cloud gets bigger and bigger, the droplets join up and become bigger too. Eventually the droplets get too big and heavy to stay up in the air, and they fall as rain.
Words that sound the same as rain but are spelt differently are reign and rein.

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Rainbows happen when the sun shines through a very fine spray of water, like rain in the air or the spray from a garden hose or even from a waterfall.
The rainbow is colourful because as sunlight travels through the water spray, it splits into a spectrum of colours. All the colours you see in a rainbow are there all the time in normal light, but they are mixed up together so you only see white light.
You can also see the colours of the rainbow by shining light through a prism.

Photo of a rainbow lorikeet.
Photo by Louise Docker
Scientific name: trichoglossus haematodus

Rainbow lorikeets are a type of parrot found in Australia, mainly on the east coast but also in parts of South Australia and Tasmania. Rainbow lorikeets eat fruit, pollen and nectar.

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Photo of a man and a dog wearing raincoats
Photo by Ed Yourdon

A raincoat is a piece of clothing made from waterproof fabric. Raincoats are designed to keep you dry when you are outside in the rain.

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A raindrop is a droplet of water that has fallen to the ground during the rain. The picture is of some raindrops on a leaf.

Photo of a rainforest.
Photo by Adam Greig

A rainforest is an area with very high rainfall. They are usually in the warmer parts of the world. Rainforests have an amazing amount of plants and animals living in them, around half of the world's plant and animal species are found in rainforests.

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Photo of people with raised hands
Photo by Jeff Wright

You raise something when you move it so it is higher than it was before.
The people in the picture have their hands raised.

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Photo of raisins
Photo by Flirty Kitty

Raisins are dried sultana grapes, and in many countries they are just called sultanas.
Raisins can be added to cakes and puddings or just eaten by themselves. They are an excellent lunchbox snack.

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