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Words starting with C

Words that start with C

Cute cats crawl carelessly past carefully cultivated canola.

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A calculator is a small device that does math for you. Calculators have built-in functions from simple addition and subtraction right through to complex angle manipulation functions.
Photo of a calf
A calf is a baby cow. Many other baby animals are also called calves.
Photo of a baby dolphin
A baby dolphin is called a calf.

Cis forCall

You call someone when you try and get them to hear you from a long way away. You might call out by making your voice louder, or you might use a device like a phone to call them.
Photo of a woman taking a phone call

Cis forCalled

Called is the past tense of call.
Photo of a calm lake

Cis forCalm

It is calm weather when there is no wind. In general, something is calm if it is almost still, with very little movement and excitement. The opposite of calm is excited.
Photo of a caltrop seed head

Cis forCaltrop

A caltrop is common name given to some (unrelated) plants that have seed heads with 4 or more sharp spikes, arranged so that one of them is always pointing upwards. The seed heads are very painful to step on. Metal devices of the same name and design can be thrown onto roads in front of cars to burst their tires.
Photo of two camels

Cis forCamel

Scientific name: Dromedary: camelus dromedarius
Camels are a large animal that is very well adapted for hot, dry weather. They can survive longer without water than any other animal. Camels have a big, fatty hump on their backs that stores food for times when they can't find enough to eat. They are taller than an adult man and are used to ride on or to pull carts. There are two types of camel, dromedary camels like in the picture that only have one hump, and the bactrian which has two. There are a lot more dromedaries than bactrians in the world. Camels are related to llamas and alpacas.

Cis forCamellia

Scientific name: ornamental variety: camellia japonica
Camellias are an attractive plant native to southern and eastern Asia. They have pretty flowers in shades from white through pink to deep red. They grow from about 2-20m high, and are not drought tolerant but will tolerate frost. Most people grow them as ornamental garden plants. The tea plant is a variety of camellia.
Photo of a man holding a camera

Cis forCamera

A camera is a device that is used to take photos, like the ones you see on every page in this dictionary.