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Words starting with C

Words that start with C

Cute cats crawl carelessly past carefully cultivated canola.

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Cis forCamisole

A camisole is a women's undergarment that has no sleeves, thin straps and extends down to the waist. Some women wear camisoles as outerwear instead of underwear.
Photo of a camouflaged insect
Camouflage is a way that animals can blend into the backgrounds by making themselves look as much like the background as possible. Some flat fish look exactly like the bottom of the sea. Some insects look exactly like the leaf they sit on. Can you see the insect in the picture? (it is at the bottom right, look closely)

Cis forCamp

A camp is place where temporary shelters such as tents are set up. You might camp on your own, or a group of people might set up a camp.

Cis forCampfire

A campfire is a small outdoor fire that you build when you are out on a camping trip. People build campfires to keep warm and to cook on.
Photo of a tent

Cis forCamping

You go camping when you go away from home, usually to a wilderness area, and stay in a tent. People often go on camping trips on their vacation time.
Photo of tin cans

Cis forCan

A can, also called a tin can or just a tin is a metal container used to store food for very long times. Cans are made from steel coated with a layer of tin. Some cans have ring pull so you can open them easily, most cans need a can opener to open them.
Photo of a can opener
A can opener, or tin opener, is a device used to open cans of food. There are many different styles of can opener, including a simple blade, a small blade and a handle you can turn around, two wheels and a handle to turn them around, and an electric machine that does all the work for you. The first bladed can openers were invented in the 1850s. Single wheel design can openers were invented in 1870 but the two wheeled model - one sharp wheel, one serrated wheel to hold the can - was only invented in 1925.

Cis forCan't

Can't is a contraction of "can not".
Photo of a canal

Cis forCanal

A canal is a watercourse that has been made by people rather than a natural watercourse. Canals are generally cut to make a transportation path, for boats to travel along.
Photo of a canar

Cis forCanary

Scientific name: serinus canaria domestica
Canaries are small songbirds closely related to finches. They eat seeds and have a pretty song. Most canaries are yellow. Wild canaries are more mottled or yellow-green than pet canaries.