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Words starting with G

Words that start with G

Giant giraffes gambol in the grass with green geckoes.

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Something is galvanized if it is covered in a thin coating of zinc. Steel is galvanized to stop it from rusting. Not to be confused with corrugated.

Gis forGame

A game is something that you do for fun, either on your own or with other people. Most games have a set of rules that tell you how you should play the game.
Photo of a bowl of ganache.

Gis forGanache

Ganache is a mix of chocolate and cream. It can be used as frosting or filling for pastries and confectionary. It is made by pouring warm cream over diced chocolate and then stirring them together. Ganache is usually made with two parts chocolate to one part cream for filling, and equal parts for frosting or a glaze.

Gis forGander

A gander is a male goose.
Photo of a gang

Gis forGang

A gang is a group of people. The term is most often used to describe a group of young people, or a group of people who are behaving badly or engaging in crime.
Photo of a gap

Gis forGap

A gap is a small space between two things, or a small break in something continuous like a fence. A gap can be measured in distance, like the gap between the two buildings in the picture, or it can be measured in time. For example, some people take a gap year between school and university.
Photo of a garage

Gis forGarage

A garage is a place where you park your car and bikes. You can also store your toys, basket balls, garden tools, paint and anything else you have run out of room for in your house.
Photo of a girl in renaissance garb

Gis forGarb

Garb is a word that describes either a style of clothing, or the clothes you are currently wearing. The girl in the picture is wearing renaissance garb.
Photo of garbage

Gis forGarbage

Garbage is things that you don't need that have been thrown away. Another word for garbage is trash or rubbish.