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Words starting with G

Words that start with G

Giant giraffes gambol in the grass with green geckoes.

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Photo of a garden

Gis forGarden

A garden is a planned space, full of plants that have been placed by the garden's owner. Gardens can be indoors or outdoors, just for decoration, or for growing fruit and vegetables. Some gardens have plants that are trimmed into shapes, called topiary.
A garden fork is a tool that is used for loosening soil in your garden.

Gis forGargoyle

A gargoyle is an ugly, even grotesque, ornamental water spout, usually found on extremely old buildings before gutters and downpipes were used. Gargoyles are ugly so they scare off evil spirits. Ugly statues that are not water spouts are called chimeras.
Photo of a dog wearing garlands

Gis forGarland

A garland is another word for a wreath. The word garland is generally used for a wreath made of flowers that is worn on your head or around your neck for a happy occasion.
Photo of garlic

Gis forGarlic

Scientific name: allium sativum
Garlic is a member of the onion family. Garlic is used as a seasoning in many different varieties of food. Garlic is very strong and can make your breath smell bad the day after you eat it. The bulb of the garlic is usually made of several different sections called cloves that can be pulled apart and peeled individually. It was once thought that garlic warded off vampires.
Photo of garments

Gis forGarment

A garment is any one single piece of clothing, like a dress or a pair of jeans.
Photo of a garnet pendant

Gis forGarnet

Garnet is a group of related stones, the most popular of which is a deep red. Until the chemical composition was known, red semiprecious gemstones were called carbuncles. Garnets have a particular chemical formula of two metals, usually calcium, magnesium or iron and aluminium, iron or chromium bound to silicon oxide - the general forumula is X3Y2(SiO4)3.
Photo of some food with garnish.

Gis forGarnish

Garnish is something that you put on top of food to make it look nicer. Garnishes can be eaten if you like, or they can be there just for decoration. Garnishes are usually some kind of herb, or a little sprinkle of ground spice. The most common kind of garnish is a sprig of parsley.
Photo of a gas cylinder and helium balloons

Gis forGas

Gas is a state that substances can be in. Other states substances can be in are liquid and solid. The air around you is a mix of gases, and when you boil water the bubbles are the water itself turning from a liquid into a gas. Helium balloons are filled with another gas that most people are familiar with - helium is lighter than air so helium balloons rise up.

Gis forGash

A gash is a large, deep, jagged wound. The dog in the picture has had a gash on his face stitched up.