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Words starting with G

Words that start with G

Giant giraffes gambol in the grass with green geckoes.

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Photo of leaves blown off some trees

Gis forGust

A gust is a sudden burst of wind.
Photo of a man with a beer gut

Gis forGut

Gut is a slang word for your stomach and intestines or just that part of your body - the man in the picture has a large gut. When you are preparing a whole animal to be cooked, the process of gutting it is the process of removing its internal organs, including its stomach and intestines.

Gis forGutter

Gutters are channels that are used to carry water away to somewhere else. Gutters can be found around the edges of a roof, to catch the water and take it to storage or into a drain. Gutters are also found at the edges of roads, and sometimes also in the center of a road, to carry water away from the surface of the road.
Photo of a young man

Gis forGuy

Guy is a slang word for a man, but can also be used to refer to people of either gender. For example, "Hey guys!"
A gymnasium is an indoor space where you go to exercise or play indoor sport.
Photo of someone eating a gyros

Gis forGyros

A gyros, also called a yiros or döner kebab in some countries, is a Greek dish made up of cooked meat, vegetables like tomato and onion, and tzatziki (a kind of cucumber and yoghurt sauce) or garlic sauce wrapped in pita bread.