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Words starting with P

Words that start with P

Purple ponies prance through a pink palace in Pittsburg.

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Pis forPalace

A palace is a big, grand house. Palaces are often places that very rich or important people live. Royalty, high ranking members of a religion and important politicians often live in palaces.
Photo of a girl with pale skin

Pis forPale

Something is pale if it lacks color, or is close to white. The girl in the picture has pale skin. The opposite of pale is dark.

Pis forPalette

A palette is a flat board that artists put their paint on when they are painting a picture. A palette could also be the set of colors the artist is using for their painting, or any particular set of colors. Not to be confused with pallet.
Photo of a pallet

Pis forPallet

A pallet is something that is used for storing heavy items on top of. Pallets are made from wood or plastic and are designed to be picked up by a forklift. They are typically used as the base to carry a stack of bricks on. Not to be confused with palette.
The palm of your hand.

Pis forPalm

Your palm is the inner part of your hand between your wrist and your fingers.
Scientific name: family: arecaceae
There are many, many different kinds of palm tree. Most have one long trunk with a tuft of fronded leaves at the top. Some branch into a few stems. Palm trees usually grow in warm, wet areas of the world but are also found in deserts. They are not found in really cold places. Some kinds of palm tree grow fruit that people eat, like the coconut palm and the date palm.
Photo of a palomino horse

Pis forPalomino

A palomino horse has a gold coat and a white mane and tail.

Pis forPamphlet

A pamphlet is a small book that contains information. A pamphlet is similar to a brochure, but pamphlets are more often just for information rather than for advertising reasons.
Photo of redcurrants in a pan

Pis forPan

A pan is a metal container that usually has a flat bottom and reasonably straight sides. Pans may or may not have handles. Shallow pans are called frying pans, and deeper pans are called saucepans.
Photo of pancakes

Pis forPancake

A pancake is a thin, round, flat food. They are usually made from flour, eggs and milk. Some kinds of pancake use self-raising flour or sugar. Pancakes are usually eaten with toppings like lemon juice and sugar, or strawberry jam and cream.