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Words starting with P

Words that start with P

Purple ponies prance through a pink palace in Pittsburg.

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Photo of purses

Pis forPurse

The word 'purse' can have two meanings, depending on if you speak British English or not. In British English, a purse is very similar to a wallet but has a coin compartment and is only used by girls and women. Most people would use the word purse as another name for a small handbag.
Photo of a girl pushing

Pis forPush

When you push something it goes away from you. When you pull something it comes towards you. The little girl in the picture is pushing a big stone wheel.
Photo of a cat

Pis forPuss

Puss is a short word for pussycat. People often use it as a name for a cat, or to call a cat.
Photo of someone putting down a cup of coffee

Pis forPut

Put means to place something somewhere, or to stay in one place. For example "stay put" or "put it down".
Photo of a wooden puzzle

Pis forPuzzle

A puzzle is a problem that is made for entertainment or fun. One of the most common kinds of puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles are usually reasonably difficult, and lots of people enjoy solving puzzles.
Photo of power pylons

Pis forPylon

A pylon is a tall pole that has some use, like marking the entrance to a town or for supporting power lines.
Photo of a pyre

Pis forPyre

A pyre is a large pile of wood prepared for a fire. A funeral pyre is a large pile of wood prepared for burning a dead body as part of a funeral ceremony.
Photo of a pyromaniac
A pyromaniac is someone who has a strong urge to start fires. Pyromaniacs get pleasure from fire.
Photo of a python

Pis forPython

Scientific name: genus: python
Pythons are non-venomous snakes that usually kill their prey by wrapping around them and suffocating them. There are seven species of python, found in Africa, Asia and Australia. Some pythons can grow to be extremely large.