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Photo of an arched bridge.

Words that rhyme with -arch

List of words that end with a "arch " sound

Ais forArch

An arch is a curved, self-supporting shape usually used over doorways or to support old bridges. Arches shift the downwards force at the top of the arch to a sideways force at the bottom of the arch, so there must be a strong wall holding the base of the arch up. Arches work particularly well underground where the earth holds the sideways force. When two arches are put next to each other, the sideways forces are cancelled out, so a row of arches together e.g. under a long bridge only need thin walls or pillars holding the arches up. The stone at the top center of an arch is usually a slightly different shape, or is more decorative. It is called the keystone.
Photo of soldiers marching
Marching is a way of walking that is brisk and formal. Soldiers march together with their steps in time with each other. See also: March, the calendar month.
Photo of a calendar on March
March is the third month of the year. It has 31 days. The next month of the year is April. In the northern hemisphere March is part of spring, and in the southern hemisphere it is part of autumn.