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Photo of a child pointing.

Words that rhyme with -oint

List of words that end with a "oint " sound

You are disappointed when something you expected or wanted doesn't happen. People might get disappointed that the last slice of cake was taken before they got a chance to have some.
Photo of a magnifying glass
A focal point is where rays of light converge into a single point. The glass inside a magnifying glass is curved so that it bends all the light that goes through it towards a central point. If you move a magnifying glass up and down in the sun, you will find that at a particular distance away the magnifying glass makes a pinpoint of light that is hot enough to set something on fire. This is called the focal point.
A joint.

Jis forJoint

A joint is a place where two parts of a body or machine are joined together.
A statue pointing.

Pis forPoint

Pointing is a motion you can make with your hand to indicate the presence of something. Most people point using one outstretched finger, typically their index finger, which is also called the 'pointer finger.'