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Photo of a wardrobe

Words that rhyme with -obe

List of words that end with a "obe " sound

Bis forBathrobe

A bathrobe, or dressing gown, is a garment that you wear around the house. You usually wear a bathrobe after you have had a bath or shower, or just to keep yourself warmer when you are only wearing your pajamas.

Gis forGlobe

A globe may simply be another word for a sphere but is more commonly used to describe a sphere that has a map of the Earth on its surface.
A bath robe.

Ris forRobe

A robe is a long, loose garment worn over your body.
Photo of a wardrob

Wis forWardrobe

A wardrobe is something you keep your clothes in. You hang them on a rail inside your wardrobe with clothes hangers.