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Photo of a wild horse

Words that rhyme with -ild

List of words that end with a "ild " sound

Photo of a child

Cis forChild

A child is a young person that is not an adult yet. Parents often refer to their sons and daughters as children even after they become adults.
Photo of files

Fis forFiled

Filed is the past tense of file.
Photo of a pile of tyres

Pis forPiled

Piled is the past tense of pile.
Photo of a tiled floor

Tis forTiled

Tiled is the past tense of tile.
Photo of a wild horse.

Wis forWild

Something is wild if people haven't changed it to suit their own needs. Wild animals and plants live or grow anywhere they are able, and don't rely on people to feed them and look after them. The opposite of wild is domesticated. Wild versions of household flowers, fruits and vegetables generally have much smaller fruits or flowers than their domestic varieties.