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Photo of a pot being filled

Words that rhyme with -illed

List of words that end with a "illed " sound

Photo of someone building something out of lego

Bis forBuild

You build something when you make it by putting together lots of smaller parts. The woman in the picture is building something out of lego.

Fis forFilled

Filled is the past tense of fill. Once something has been filled, it is full.
Photo of a gilt statue

Gis forGild

Gilding is the process of coating something else with a thin layer of gold. Once you have gilded something it is gilt. Gild is not the same as a guild.
Photo of a cat with a mouse

Kis forKilled

Killed is the past tense of kill.
Photo of a mill

Mis forMilled

Milled is the past tense of mill, or something that has been made in a mill.

Sis forSpilled

Spilled, also spelled spilt, is the past tense of spill.
Photo of a family tilling their field

Tis forTilled

Tilled is the past tense of tilled.