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Photo of a daisy

Words that rhyme with -zee

List of words that end with a "zee " sound

Photo of African daisy flowers
Scientific name: dimorphotheca ecklonis
African daisies are very hardy plants originally from South Africa, with rich green leaves and purple or white flowers. They grow to about 40cm high, and will spread to form a groundcover. They tolerate both frost and drought, but do not like being in soil that is too damp. They are easy to grow from both seeds and cuttings. This plant is regarded as a weed in parts of Australia.
Photo of a busy street

Bis forBusy

Someone is busy if they are doing something. A place might be busy if there is a lot of things happening there, or many people there. A pattern is busy if it has a lot of confusing detail.
Photo of a chimpanzee
Scientific name: pan troglodytes
Chimpanzees, or just chimps, are the closest relatives to people. They have dark hair, and can grow up to 5'6" and 70kg as adults. They are very intelligent, and live in complex social groups. Chimpanzees eat mainly fruit.
Photo of a cozy dog

Cis forCozy

Something is cozy if it is small, but not too small, and warm and comfortable, like a cozy little house. A similar word to cozy is snug.
Photo of daisies

Dis forDaisy

Scientific name: family: asteraceae
The daisy family is the largest group of plants, and different daisies are found all over the world. Daisies come in many thousands of different colours and sizes. The most common daisy colours are white and pink. The largest daisy is the sunflower.

Fis forFizzy

Something that has lots of tiny little bubbles in it is fizzy.
Photo of fish in a feeding frenzy

Fis forFrenzy

A frenzy is a burst of agitation or excitement. You can have a frenzied emotional or physical state. The fish in the photo are in a feeding frenzy.
Photo of a fuzzy seed pod

Fis forFuzzy

Something is fuzzy if it is covered in short, coarse fluff.

Lis forLazy

Someone is lazy if they don't want to do anything, and so do very little instead. A similar word to lazy is idle.
Photo of a man looking over a fence

Nis forNosy

Someone is nosy if they are excessively interested in your business, especially if you don't want them to be.