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Photo of a skull.

Words that rhyme with -ull

List of words that end with a "ull " sound

Photo of a dull brown bird

Dis forDull

Dull can mean many things. It might mean a knife or blade that is not sharp. It might mean something that is very uninteresting and boring. Or it might mean something like the bird in the picture, which has very muted colors rather than rich, bright, intense colors.

Gis forGull

Scientific name: family: Laridae
Gulls are a family of similar sea birds. The most common gulls are called seagulls. Gulls are usually white and grey, sometimes with patches of black.
Photo of a boat being repaired

His forHull

The hull of a boat is its distinctively shaped outer shell. Most boats only have one hull - catamarans have two.
Photo of Istanbul, Turkey

Iis forIstanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. The population of Istanbul is around 13.2 million.
Photo of a seagull

Sis forSeagull

Scientific name: larus delawarensis
Seagulls are very common birds that live near the sea. They have webbed feet so they can paddle in water. Gulls catch and eat fish and will also scavenge for dead fish and trash people have thrown away. Seagulls are very common on rubbish dumps and garbage tips.
Photo of a foxes skull

Sis forSkull

Skulls are a bony structure that is found inside your head, and in the head of almost all animals. The top part of the skull is called the cranium and the bottom part is called the mandible. Your mandible is more commonly called your jaw, and is the part that moves up and down as you chew or open and close your mouth. The picture is of a fox's cranium.