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Photo of quiche

Words that rhyme with -eesh

List of words that end with a "eesh " sound

Photo of a dog on a leash

Lis forLeash

A leash is a long, thin piece of rope or cord that is used to lead an animal around. Leashes are usually attached to a collar around the animal's neck. Leashes are most often used to take a dog on a walk.

Pis forPastiche

Pastiche is a pastry also called a nut roll. Pastiche is made from a dough filled with a sweet nut mixture.
Photo of a slice of quiche

Qis forQuiche

A quiche is a baked dish made from an egg and cream custard in a pastry crust. Other ingredients are usually added to the custard, such as chopped bacon, vegetables and cheese. Quiche can be eaten cold, which makes it fun to take to a picnic.