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Photo of croissants

Words that rhyme with -ont

List of words that end with a "ont " sound

A croissant is a French pastry made from layers of yeast-risen puff pastry and butter. It is made into the shape of a crescent moon.
Photo of tables outside a restaurant
A restaurant is a place you go to eat. The chef at the restaurant makes the food for you and serves it to your table. There are many different kinds of restaurants serving many different kinds of food. Some serve cheap food that you can take away, others serve expensive food and fine wines and are a good place to take someone to impress them if you want them to marry you.
Photo of fall foliage in Vermont

Vis forVermont

Vermont, abbreviated to VT, is a state in the north east of the United States of America. The capital of Vermont is Montpelier and the largest city in Vermont is Burlington.