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Photo of a paw

Body parts that start with P

Parts of your body. Not all of these are human parts - people don't have tails and wings but they still qualify as body parts!
The palm of your hand.

Pis forPalm

Your palm is the inner part of your hand between your wrist and your fingers.
Photo of a lion's paw

Pis forPaw

A paw is a kind of animal's foot. Generally animals like cats, dogs and ferrets that eat other animals have paws. Animals that get eaten usually have hooves not paws. The paw in the picture belongs to a lion.
Photo of a llama pelt

Pis forPelt

An animal's pelt is the skin and fur covering them. Animal pelts are often turned into fur coats. Pelt is also a word for throwing a lot of missiles at something in a short space of time. Another word for pelt is bombard.
Photo of a parrot

Pis forPlumage

Plumage is the name collectively given to all the feathers on a bird.
Photo of skin pores

Pis forPore

Pores are tiny holes in your skin. Things like oil and sweat come out of your pores, to cool you down and keep your skin in good condition.
Photo of a cat's eyes

Pis forPupil

Your pupil is the black central part of your eye. The pupil is actually a hole in the center of your iris that lets light into your eye so you can see. Your pupil gets smaller when it is very bright, and big when it is dark. Some animals, like cats, have slit-shaped pupils not round ones.