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Photo of a belt

Words that rhyme with -elt

List of words that end with a "elt " sound

Photo of asphalt

Ais forAsphalt

Asphalt is the residue left from making gasoline from crude oil. It is very thick and sticky, and when it is mixed with gravel it is a good substance for making roads out of. In some countries, asphalt is known as bitumen.
Photo of a woman wearing a belt.

Bis forBelt

A belt is a piece of clothing you wear around your waist. Belts are usually made out of leather but can be made out of anything - cloth, beads, string or even shells. Belts are usually held shut by a buckle or a knot.
Photo of felt

Fis forFelt

Felt is a fabric that predates weaving and knitting. Felt is made by rubbing wet fibres until they stick together in a thin, matted layer. Felt is often made from wool or hairs from an animal like a rabbit or beaver.
Photo of a girl kneeling

Kis forKnelt

Knelt is the past tense of kneel.
Photo of melting ice

Mis forMelt

Melting is the process of something changing from a solid to a liquid. When ice melts it becomes water. When ice cream melts, it makes a mess. You can find lots of things around the house that can be melted in a frypan or saucepan, like butter, cheese and chocolate.
Photo of a llama pelt

Pis forPelt

An animal's pelt is the skin and fur covering them. Animal pelts are often turned into fur coats. Pelt is also a word for throwing a lot of missiles at something in a short space of time. Another word for pelt is bombard.
Photo of a seat belt.
Seatbelts are found in cars and other vehicles. If you have an accident while you are driving, and you are wearing a seat belt, you will be held in your seat and will not be hurt as badly as if you were not wearing a seat belt.