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Countries that start with E

Countries that start with E

Countries around the world, each with a photo of their flag.This category and the related cities categories are still incomplete.
Photo of the East Timor flag
Timor-Leste is a country in south east Asia, north of Australia among the Indonesian islands. The capital of East Timor is Dili. People in East Timor speak Tetum and Portuguese.

Eis forEcuador

Ecuador is a country in South America. The capital of Ecuador is Quito. People in Ecuador speak Spanish.

Eis forEgypt

Egypt is a country bridging north Africa and Asia. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. People in Egypt speak Arabic.
Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Central Africa. The capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo. People in Equatorial Guinea speak French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Eritreans holding the flag of Eritrea.

Eis forEritrea

Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa. The capital of Eritrea is Asmara. People in Eritrea speak Tigrigna, English, and Arabic.
Photo of the Estonian flag

Eis forEstonia

Estonia is a state in northern Europe. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. People in Estonia speak Swedish.

Eis forEthiopia

Ethiopia has the second largest number of people of any African country. The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa. People in Ethiopia speak Amharic.