Jobs that start with S

Jobs that start with S

When I grow up, I want to be ... This category also includes some things that aren't quite jobs but are definitely vocations - such as being a wizard or vampire!

Sis forSailor

A sailor is either someone who sails boats of some kind for a living, or someone who is below the level of an officer in the Navy.
A scientist is someone who works to gain more knowledge about the sciences, particularly natural and physical sciences. Scientists work using scientific method as they learn.
Photo of a secretary at her desk
A secretary is someone who handles a lot of paperwork in an office. They will take notes at meetings, take dictations, type up letters and file papers.

Sis forSeer

A seer is a person who can see the future, or who has profound insight or knowledge. A similar word to seer is prophet.
Photo of a British sentry

Sis forSentry

A sentry is someone who stands guard over something, to protect it. The sentry in this picture is guarding the entry to the Tower of London, which contains the Queen's jewels.
Photo of a man shearing a sheep

Sis forShearer

A shearer is someone who clips the wool, called a fleece, from sheep or other wooly animals.
Photo of a skater

Sis forSkater

A skater is someone who skates, either on ice skates, roller skates or on a skateboard. People might skate just for fun, or professionally for money.
Photo of a skipper

Sis forSkipper

Skipper is an informal word meaning the captain of a ship, or simply the person who is in control of the ship.
Photo of a sniper

Sis forSniper

A sniper is someone who can shoot a target from a very long distance away, from a concealed position.
Photo of a soldier

Sis forSoldier

A soldier is someone who joins the armed forces of their country. Soldiers defend their country from enemies, to keep the peace.