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Photo of cut wood

Words that rhyme with -ood

List of words that end with a "ood " sound

Photo of some driftwood
Driftwood is wood, usually branches from trees, that has fallen into the water and then drifted around for a while before washing up on a beach that may be a long way from where it fell into the water. Driftwood is often polished smooth by the waves and water, and bleached to a dull grey.
Photo of firewood

Fis forFirewood

Firewood is wood that has been collected just to be burnt as fuel. Firewood is usually cut into small pieces so it can fit inside a fireplace.
Photo of a woman wearing a hooded jacket.

His forHood

A hood is a part of another piece of clothing that goes over your head. Hoods are often seen on cloaks, some jackets or hooded sweaters.
Photo of cut wood

Wis forWood

Wood is what the trunks and branches of trees are made from. Trees get thicker as they grow, so when you cut them down you can see rings of colors in the inside of the tree, like in the picture. When you cut a tree lengthways the rings become lines called grain, which you can see in most things made out of wood. Wood is used to make houses, furniture and some toys.
Photo of wormwood foliage

Wis forWormwood

Scientific name: artemisia absinthium
Wormwood is a perennial shrub that grows to about 1 metre high. It has silvery grey leaves and small yellow flowers. It is native to parts of Asia and Africa. It grows well in drier climates and will tolerate poor soil. It is very easy to grow from hardened cuttings. Wormwood is an ingredient in the drink absinthe and is used to flavor some other drinks and some dishes.