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Photo of a plant stem

Words that rhyme with -em

List of words that end with a "em " sound

Photo of a gem

Gis forGem

A gem, or jewel, is a cut and polished precious or semi-precious stone that can be used to make jewelry. A gem can also be used to describe something that stands out as being better than everything around it, as in "this figurine is the gem of her collection".
Photo of jeans hem

His forHem

A hem is the stitching along the edge of a garment. Hems make the edges of clothes look nicer, and stop them from fraying.
Photo of Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It has a population of around 1 million.

Mis forModem

A modem is a device that transmits data over telephone or cable lines. You connect to the internet using a modem.
A book of poetry.

Pis forPoem

A poem is an artistic form of writing. Poems are written in verses and often rhyme.

Pis forProblem

A problem is any question or situation that is difficult or complicated. The cat in the picture has a problem. It is stuck up a tree and doesn't know how to get down.
Photo of Salem, Oregon

Sis forSalem

Salem is the capital of the state of Oregon in the United States of America. It has a population of around 155,000.

Sis forStem

A stem is the part of the plant that holds up the leaves and flowers. Stems on some kinds of plant continue to get bigger and bigger, and eventually turn into branches. Another word for stem is stalk.