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Photo of a harp.

Words that rhyme with -arp

List of words that end with a "arp " sound

Photo of a carp

Cis forCarp

Scientific name: family: cyprinidae
Carp are a large group of freshwater fish, which includes goldfish and koi. Other kinds of carp are caught for food.

His forHarp

A harp is a stringed musical instrument where the sounding board isn't under the strings like on a guitar, but is at right angles to them, in the base of the harp.

Sis forSharp

Something is sharp if it has a thin edge or point. Knives are usually sharp, as are the thorns on roses. You have to be careful around things that are sharp so that you do not cut and hurt yourself. Broken glass has very sharp edges. The opposite of sharp is blunt.
Photo of a tarpaulin

Tis forTarp

Tarp is a short form of tarpaulin.