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Photo of a shrimp.

Words that rhyme with -imp

List of words that end with a "imp " sound

Photo of a blimp.

Bis forBlimp

A blimp is very similar to a zeppelin, but a blimp does not have a supporting structure inside the big, bullet-shaped balloon that holds it up. Blimps have a compartment under them for people to ride in, and are moved forward by propellors.
Photo of a chimpanzee

Cis forChimp

Chimp is short for chimpanzee.
An imp.

Iis forImp

An imp is a demon with the appearance of a child.
Photo of a woman limping

Lis forLimp

You limp when you walk unevenly, so you keep your weight off a sore leg or foot. When people or animals limp they tend to move very slowly and unevenly. Another word for limp might be hobble. Limp can also mean something that is soft and floppy.
Photo of  prawns

Sis forShrimp

Scientific name: infraorder: caridea
A shrimp, also called a prawn in many countries, is a sea creature that usually grows to a few inches long. They are a very popular food, and can be eaten boiled, fried, barbequed and many other ways, plain or with a sauce. They are quite often cooked whole and you have to remove the head, legs and other inedible parts yourself.