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Photo of a beaver.

Words that rhyme with -ver

List of words that end with a "ver " sound

Photo of a beaver

Bis forBeaver

Scientific name: castor canadensis
Beavers are a small, brown animal related to the squirrel. They are found in America and Europe. They spend their time in and around water, and are excellent swimmers. Beavers are best known for their ability to build dams. They cut down trees with their sharp teeth and drag the logs to where they need them, and stack them up to make a dam. They end up with their own ponds that they tend to, which protects their den. Beavers eat waterlilys.
Photo of Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. It has a population of around 660,000.
Photo of clover

Cis forClover

Scientific name: genus: trifolium
Clover is a large group of plants that usually has leaves in clusters of three. They are found almost all over the world, and are grown as a fodder crop for grazing farm animals to eat. Finding a four-leafed clover is considered lucky in some cultures.
Photo of Denver

Dis forDenver

Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado in the United States of America. It has a population of around 2.5 million.
Photo of Dover, Delaware

Dis forDover

Dover is the capital city of the state of Delaware in the United States of America. It has a population of around 150,000.
Photo of a bus driver

Dis forDriver

A driver is a person who drives cars, trucks or other types of vehicles for a living.
Photo of drovers and cows

Dis forDrover

A drover is someone who drives livestock like cows or sheep from place to place. Drovers usually ride horses or motorbikes.
Photo of a child with a fever

Fis forFever

When you are very sick, you sometimes get a fever. When you have a fever you feel really bad, but the definition of a fever is that your body is much hotter than it normally is.
Photo of a girl licking chocolate icing.

Fis forFlavor

Flavor is the taste of something that you experience when you put it in your mouth. Flavor is usually only used to describe food rather than other things that have tastes but that you shouldn't eat.
Photo of guava fruit

Gis forGuava

Scientific name: psidium guajava
There are many different varieties of guava, with different thicknesses of skin and different coloured flesh. Guavas are grown in tropical areas but the adult plants can survive mild frosts. Guava is often made into juice or made into a dessert.