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Photo of an abstract sculpture.

Words that rhyme with -act

List of words that end with a "act " sound

Ais forAbstract

Art is abstract if it has been derived, or abstracted from something real but doesn't bear a close resemblance to what it is supposed to represent, like more traditional art does. Some parts of the art might be recognisable, some exaggerated, some downplayed. Abstract art can be so stylised you can't even recognise what it is, so sometimes when you look at an abstract picture or sculpture you can't tell what it is a picture or sculpture of.
Photo of a compact car

Cis forCompact

Something is compact if it fits into a small space. The car in the picture is a compact car. You can compact something when you compress it together so it takes up less space, for example you might compact the ground before you lay pavers on it.
A real estate contract.

Cis forContract

A contract is a legal agreement between two or more people. Contracts can be used to buy or sell something, to agree to do a specific task such as a job, or to join two people together legally, such as in marriage.
Photo of cracked ground

Cis forCracked

Something that has cracks in it is said to be cracked. The picture is of some dry, cracked ground.