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Photo of mixing paint

Words that rhyme with -ix.

List of words that end with a "ix. " sound

Cis forChicks

Chicks is the plural of chick.

Cis forCrucifix

A crucifix is a cross with an image of Jesus crucified on it.
Photo of someone fixing a computer

Fis forFix

You fix, mend or repair something if it is broken and doesn't work. Fixing it will make it work again, or make it look as good as new. Not everything that is broken can be fixed.

His forHelix

A helix is a curve in three dimensions. The thread of a screw is a helix, and wire coiled around a rod makes a helix. A spiral staircase is a helix. Some plants, like in the picture, naturally grow into helixes. The word "coil" is sometimes used to mean a helix and sometimes used to mean a spiral, or sometimes used to mean the act of wrapping something around something else to make a helix or spiral.

His forHicks

Hicks is the plural of hick.
Photo of a boy kicking a ball.

Kis forKicks

Kicks is the plural of kick. It might also be a slang word for something you enjoy, for example "she gets her kicks from collecting shells".
Photo of paint being mixed

Mis forMix

Mixing is a way of combining two or more things together so you cannot easily tell what went into the mix. You make cake batter by mixing the ingredients together, and you make new colours of paint by mixing different colours together. Food described as 'mixed' like mixed candy or mixed nuts is made from several different kinds of food mixed together. The picture is of someone mixing several different colours of paint together.
Photo of Phoenix, Arizona

Pis forPhoenix

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona in the United States of America. It has a population of 4.1 million.

Sis forSix

There are six coloured eggs in the picture. The number before six is five. The number that comes after six is seven.

Sis forSticks

Sticks is the plural of stick, or means that something is sticky. For example, "it sticks to the fridge!"